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More Marseille – Travel Log, Day 9

I spent my last day in Marseille seeing Notre-Dame de la Garde which sits on the top of the highest hill around and had some terrific views of the city. To get up there, my brother and I walked up some pretty steep, San Francisco-like streets. The tower of Notre-Dame de la Garde is capped […]

Marseille Graffiti – Travel Log, Day 8

Yesterday the plan was to see a few museums and then head out to Olympique de Marseille to watch the match against Brest. For some reason the two museums I wanted to catch weren’t open despite their hours clearly stating that they were. Instead I walked around and snapped some photos of the graffiti stores […]

Château d’If & Frioul Islands – Travel Log, Day 7

I spent my second day in Marseille out on a series of islands that are a 20 minute boat ride away. The first island barely fits the Château d’If that perches on top of it. The castle itself is relatively basic and bare but it gives some great views back to Marseille and the surrounding […]

Marseille – Travel Log, Day 6

My first full day in Marseille was split between being out near my brother’s university and wandering around the city. My hotel is right in Vieux Port which is terrific. Tons of restaurants, bars, and shopping right nearby and easy access to metro and busses. In the morning I headed out toward the southeast where […]

Spent most of yesterday and today traveling from San Sebastián to Marseille. Yesterday I took a bus to Bilbao and visited the Guggenheim there. Really cool building with an underwhelming permanent collection. Handily they had a visiting collection of post-war modern art which was terrific.

Today I got up bright and early at 5:30am to catch my 7am flight to Marseille. Walked all around this afternoon and now am heading out to dinner in a bit. Plus, check out my view. :)