Moving to

I mentioned yesterday about how I was moving my site to If you’re reading this post then it’s now live and my DNS has propagated.

I moved the site for similar reasons that Daniel mentioned the other day. We’re thinking about collaborating on a custom theme that we’d release on as well.

Another reason I wanted to move the site was to consolidate things. I’ve been using 3 sites recently to dogfood various aspects of WordPress. This site used to be a self-hosted installation on Webfaction. Then, I had a photo site hosted here on to use the iOS and Twitter connection tools. Finally, I had a status site that was using some cool behind the scenes stuff to post right to Twitter.

I’ve moved everything into this one site now. Since it’s hosted on I can dogfood all aspects of the product from one site. No need to split up where I publish now which makes a lot more sense to me.

If you’re interested in the technical details it’s running Twenty Eleven in a single column layout. I’m going to post the CSS soon after I add a few more things to it. I wanted to run a default theme so that’s what I’m doing with just a custom design upgrade. No special perks. 🙂


Lookin’ groovy. That said, I’m anticipating your new custom theme with excitement.

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